What Is Ecommerce? How To Start an Ecommerce Business From Scratch

According to the latest NUA report on Internet statistics, the number of Internet users around the world reached over 605 million in May 2003, although this number was only 16 million in December 1995.

In spite of this huge number of Internet users, we find that there is a lack of continuous distribution around the world. The same report said that this number includes 31.6 million people from Africa, 24.187 million people from Asia and the Pacific, 91.190 million from Europe and 12. Only 5 million from the Middle East, while the number of Internet users in the United States and Canada, 67.182 million people and in Latin America number 35.33 million users Through this jump in the number of Internet users around the world we can see the extent of the huge and continuous increase in the size of network users Refers to the importance The most important aspect of the global telecommunications network is the ever-increasing importance of day-to-day e-commerce, which is expected to reach US $ 4.1 trillion by the end of 2003. It is expected that 7 Figure Cycle Review is $ 7.2 trillion by the end of 2004. The share of e-commerce is more than half of the revenue and is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

E-commerce Definition

ECommerce is simply the sale and purchase of goods, services and information through the use of the Internet where sellers, buyers and brokers meet across the digital world through different locations in order to display and identify goods and services, communicate, negotiate and agree on the details of sales and purchases as known eCommerce Commission The Egyptian Arab Telecommunications Network (EET) defines e-commerce as “the implementation of some or all commercial transactions in goods and services between a commercial and other entity or between a consumer and a commercial destination using ICT” The definition also adopted by the World Trade Organization.
The Internet also pays for transactions through money transfers via credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. Electronic and traditional means of commerce can also be combined simultaneously through a part of the procedures in the electronic medium such as agreement on price, quantity and completion The remainder through concrete activities such as the inspection or receipt of goods from the place of shipment or cash payment.

Types of e-Commerce

There are two main forms of e-commerce in terms of communication, namely, business-to-business and business to business. However, there is a third less common type of retail trade with individuals, Where the new and used goods Perhaps the most prominent sites of these auctions is that site which is known as eBay. The owners of the goods display their goods on this auction through a picture of the commodity with all the specifications and set an initial price to open the auction and bidders to propose different prices for the purchase of the item and ultimately win the highest price provided that it is done before the deadline for the end of the auction, In a unified location that contains many companies that are classified according to the activity you are dealing in or according to offers of sale or purchase or import or export or by geographical distribution, and the sites that serve this service to free sites and non-free sites where the first service Declaration of goods, sale and purchase and get all the information and location services free of charge, while the second does not get the service only by paying a fee on the image of a monthly subscription or an annual or otherwise.

It is worth mentioning that the free sites get a good amount of material return through the publication of paid ads with special specifications that differ from the free advertisements for goods in terms of place, size, display and colors used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecommerce

Despite the countless advantages of e-commerce and its great benefits to the merchant, the consumer and the society as a whole to save time and reach high horizons that could not reach e-commerce, it still suffers from many problems and obstacles that prevent the full use of its services and great advantages .

Benefits of e-commerce

The most important characteristic of e-commerce activities is the low cost compared to traditional trade activities. They do not need shops, exhibitions, stores, or marketing complexes. It is enough to set up a 7 Figure Cycle Review website to introduce the company’s activities and offer its products and advantages. Only a handful of fingers can handle e-commerce and customer service.

Availability of an electronic record of the company’s activities

The e-commerce activities of the company allow the existence of an electronic record of all the operations of the company from the sale and purchase of the names of customers in a precise and not likely to error, because it depends on the technology of recording computer, which saves the cost and time and effort to use paper activities required consumption of materials and the presence of a large number of workers and the greatest possibility For error in recording data.

Greater effectiveness in marketing

Through its website, the company can better market its products and more effectively by reaching a huge number of consumers worldwide for 24 hours a day. It can receive and respond to consumer requests at any hour of the night or day. You can also receive suggestions from consumers or traders and improve the company’s products and avoid any defects. The company can also explain all details of the product and how to use it or even chemical composition if it is a chemical or put the user manual on the air.

Identify competitors

The company can identify the products and prices of the competing companies, allowing them to study the market and develop more competitive prices in order to achieve success and gain a lot of customers and can identify new ideas in the area in which it works for more innovation and improve the product and stay at the level of competition.

Ability to communicate with partners

The company can communicate more easily with its partners or customers through e-mail or instant messaging via internet communication programs, which leads to the needs of various markets and to achieve continuous communication with the public.

Easy Access to The Product

Customers can get their products at any time without contention or waiting, but once the keyboard is pressed, the order can be sent. The company sends the product right away as soon as the customer pays the price and the customers can get their products at any time without contention or waiting, On the keyboard the order can be sent and the company sends the product immediately after the customer pays the price through an electronic payment method.

Forming more specialized markets

e-commerce selling can enable the creation of more specialized markets that may not be possible through traditional trade routes, for example, to create a site to sell a particular type of flowers, building materials, food or computer hardware.

Lower communication cost

The Internet offers a very inexpensive means of communication compared to traditional means of communication such as telephone and fax, and saves time and effort. For example, an email can be sent to many parties at the same time.

The Disadvantages of e-Commerce

The main disadvantages of e-commerce are the security aspects, including the possibility of hackers hacking e-commerce sites in some cases and stealing the information contained in them, which may include customer card numbers. These sites can also be destroyed or destroyed by viruses or change the contents or disable them from Work or erase existing data.

Lack of Bandwidth Space for Broadband Despite the breadth and complexity of the Internet, it still lacks enough space for communications to match the sheer volume of business through which it is conducted.

Constant and rapid change in software

The Bitcoin code software used to manage e-commerce sites is constantly changing, requiring a constant update that sometimes costs a lot of money.

Some e-commerce programs are not compatible with some data applications Because there is continuous innovation and innovation in data applications, some of these applications are not compatible with e-commerce programs, which leads to non-utilization of these applications.

Other problems are the possibility of disruption of e-commerce sites and the inability of existing laws to prosecute pirates and the need for new legislation.

Proposals to overcome e-commerce barriers

Enacting new legislation to increase the punishment of hackers.
Software innovation that prevents the theft of credit card numbers or hacking or disabling websites.
Further development of sites to suit the tastes and needs of consumers.

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